Designa Individual

Manufacture of “Designa Individual” has been established by jewellery artists from Belgium in 2011. Brothers Victor & Morris Rampel (creators of the brand) decided to combine modern technology & the art of jewellery to create unique accessories. They introduced the first collection of luxury phones from Di, edged with premium jewellery materials.
This led to a rapid growth of Designa Individual from a small workshop in suburbs of Antwerp to a large company with their own productionin Belgium, renowned worldwide as the manufacturer of luxury class phones and accessories for popular mobile gadgets.Today, these devices inspire over 5000 people in over 60 countries world-wide.
A mobile phone is not just an electronic device. It turned intoa trend leading accessory which outlines one's uniquenessand the ability to stand out as “one of the few”. Being theone and only, being unique is the idea that inspires theseartists to create collections of luxury phones and accessoriesby Di. This is the reason their every collection is limited.Designa Individual products are completely handmade.Transformation of each product takes for a few days to several weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and construction.

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