Albidaa Swords & Gifts

The essence of the word Albidaa encompasses origin and creation. Albidaa was created in 2006 and represents the exquisite heritage of Qatar as well as our ability to build priceless objects with unparalleled skill and quality.

We are distinguished for the fabrication of the world’s finest Arabic swords and want to pass down this rich heritage.

The prime focus upon the creation of our company was a passion for collecting Arabic swords and artifacts of historical value.
Since our creation, we have worked diligently to produce only the finest Arabic swords and have achieved ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications, validating a high standard of quality. Our swords are unique on the market and are adapted to triumph in the world of luxury goods. The AlBidaa master craftsmen of swords are skilled with honored expertise, embedded in Qatari culture and heritage. This refined mastery is driven by the desire to transmit the rich heritage of Qatar.

Albidaa Factory:

text In addition to our high-tech machinery, we employ a team of experts from designers,steel makers, buffing experts, goldsmiths, engravers, sculpturers, carpenters and store keepers in which they apply their inherited talent to manufacture and customize each of these unique pieces. The making of the sword is performed over several phases, from the blade to the engraving, casing and embodying the work of the designers in a fastidious, patient, and talented way. The scrupulous use of the noblest materials such as 24-carat gold, pure silver, stainless steel, genuineleathers and precious stones that has helped build and strengthen the reputation of AlBidaa. In addition, we operate state of the art German machinery as we assure our products conform to their quality labeland to the requirements of our customers.

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