Ali Bin Khalfan Al Suwaidi Tents

Founded by Ali Bin Khalfan Al Suwaidi in 1960-1991, then it was reopened on 2018, based in Qatar. We create top products while maintaining precision in manufacturing facility. Our team has direct knowledge, extensive research experience, and unique administrative skills with broad background in manufacturing and building. Working to fascinate our clients and fulfill their needs by continuously providing the highest quality tents. The material used is among the finest worldwide. We are guided by our strong corporate values to deliver the best deals in parallel with International Safety Standards.


Seek to be the first in our domain in Qatar and GCC. We aspire to obtain an international position and ranking characterized by providing high quality products and services. Our goal is to provide our customers with fast turnaround and an exceptional quality of our products with an assurance to the safety standards to the IBC (International Building Code).

To expand our manufacturing and production capacity to cover the needs of the region. Develop our different products while maintaining high standards and specifications of our factory.
Produce products with world class specifications. Keeping productive developmental plans by using modern technologies and machines in our production line.
Support and develop eco-friendly production in parallel with ISO standards towards a better global environment. We intend to use diverse marketing methods to reach a large segment in any type of additional accessories and customizations for the tent for our valuable customers.

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