Albidaa Group of Companies

The essence of the word AlBidaa encompasses origin and creation. Created in 2006, Albidaa Group of Companies represents the exquisite heritage of Qatar as well as our ability to build priceless objects with unparalleled skill and quality. We are distinguished for the fabrication of the world’s finest Arabic swords and want to pass down this rich heritage.

AlBidaa is one of Qatar’s leading prestigious merchandise producers and retailers. Our brand is divided into four main luxury divisions: Swords and Luxury Gifts, Swiss made Watches & Customized Phone representative, Knives and Falcon Accessories, fine French perfumes and Leather Goods. Our products are based on centuries-old rich traditions that incorporate creativity, skill, and quality, while using only the finest materials.

Our master craftsmen of swords are skilled with honored expertise, embedded in Qatari culture and heritage. This refined mastery is driven by the desire to transmit the rich heritage of Qatar. Using only the finest materials, our master craftsmen produce Arabic swords strictly of the highest quality, entirely made in Qatar. Our timeless pieces are certain to satisfy and be passed down to future generations. At AlBidaa, we are purveyors of luxury goods, emphasizing an understanding for the needs of our clientele and personalized level of service.

AlBidaa is an exclusive Qatari retailer of numerous European luxury brands that include Mobile Phone customization, unique leather items and exceptional Switzerland Watches collection.
We are proud to be the exclusive distributor in Qatar for Golden Dreams Geneva, French-designed Swiss-made Dietrich Watchmakers and Swiss watch manufactures VALBRAY and CABESTAN.
Among these brands many others are in the process of joining the Albidaa Group of Companies, and the company is on the search of international manufactures and suppliers.

Alsuwaidi Tents, is a factory that deals mainly in the production of tents for camping and trips with all shapes and sizes and also special customised to customer demand, along that Alsuwaidi Tents are in the process of obtaining a huge showroom to customise special requests and also to exhibit and sell camping equipment for sea and land trips with international brands.