Albidaa was founded by the inspiring vision of the Qatari Entrepreneur Mr. Hader Al Suwaidi in 2005 in Qatar. Albidaa stands as a distinguished brand for swords and premium luxurious products. Albidaa have built a reputation for offering a range of unique swords, luxury gifts, watches, cufflinks, exotic and genuine leather goods and perfumes. Albidaa has managed to be one of the most prominent luxury retail and manufacturing company due to the exceptional quality of products and customer service, forming special relationships with VIP clientele in the community of Qatar.

Validating the high standard of Quality, Albidaa is the only company in Qatar, who has achieved ISO Certifications (ISO 9001 & OHSAS 18001). Our products are unique in the market and are adapted to triumph in the world of luxury goods.

Our master craftsmen are skilled with honored expertise, embedded in Qatari culture and heritage. This refined mastery is driven by the desire to transmit the rich heritage of Qatar. Using only the finest materials, our master craftsmen produce Arabic swords strictly of the highest quality, entirely Made in Qatar. Our timeless pieces are certain to satisfy and be passed down to future generations. At Albidaa, we are purveyors of luxury goods, emphasizing an understanding for the needs of our clientele and personalized level of service.

Albidaa was granted exclusive authorization from Qatar’s Royal Emir to reproduce the swords, which are richly steeped in history and embedded with Qatari heritage. Albidaa swords are museum-quality reproduction pieces whose origin can be traced back approximately 300 years.

Albidaa swords are entirely Made in Qatar and each one of them requires a meticulous skillset. Each of our master craftsmen carry specific skillsets required to finely forge the blade, elaborately decorate the ornamentation, precisely work the metal, fabricate the leather casing, and attentively build the solid wood packaging case. These types of skillsets are uniquely ancestral and derived only through time and generations.

Using only the finest 24-carat gold, pure silver, and bronze precious metals, the swords and daggers are elaborately decorated to the very highest of standards. Each sword is handmade and tailor-crafted to fulfill individual client requests, ensuring that each piece will remain a distinctive treasure to those who possess it.

Likewise, Albidaa produces Daggers, Shalfa, medals, trophies, medallion plaques, as well as sculpted horses and falcons. Every item is forged of precious metals and is individually crafted to meet specific customer requirements.

Luxury Gifts Designer

Our awareness and respect for the true skillset that is required to become a veritable artisan means that we offer the finest hand-made luxury gifts. Using only precious metals such as bronze, silver or gold, we place a significant amount of importance on quality. Our designers can create any type of tailor-made model, initially planned out with a technical sketch, upon customer request. This helps us to offer pieces that are not only unique but also radiate an elegant allure, empowering our clientele to cultivate its affection for ageless fine objects. We cater to the upper class including VIP’S and VVIP’S and can create specific objects that represent their respective organizations.

Luxury Goods

Albidaa is an exclusive producer and retailer of numerous luxury products that include Falcon accessories (made in UK), Italian leather goods (Exotic and Genuine), exceptional Swiss Made Watches and unique cufflinks collection.

Albidaa Perfumes

Albidaa perfume collection is launched in 2015. Now we are offering 22 different fragrances all made in France with the finest ingredients and the most presentable packaging. Our combinations merge subtle fragrances from the Orient and the Occident by blending woody Oriental notes with delicate flowers from the South of France. We relied on the know-how of skilled perfumers and their delicate noses to blend creativity with the premium natural compositions.

Our perfumes are available in Harvey Nichols and Duty free and will be available soon in Harrods.

Albidaa Factory

In addition to our high-tech machinery, we employ a team of experts from designers,steel makers, buffing experts, goldsmiths, engravers, sculpturers, carpenters and store keepers in which they apply their inherited talent to manufacture and customize each of these unique pieces. The making of the sword is performed over several phases, from the blade to the engraving, casing and embodying the work of the designers in a fastidious, patient, and talented way. The scrupulous use of the noblest materials such as 24-carat gold, pure silver, stainless steel, genuineleathers and precious stones that has helped build and strengthen the reputation of AlBidaa. In addition, we operate state of the art German machinery as we assure our products conform to their quality labeland to the requirements of our customers.

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