Albidaa Swords & Gifts

textArabs have been known for centuries for taking swords as major tools for self-defense and fighting, but now swords are placed in homes as a sign of pride of heritage, history and ancestry.

When you mention swords in the city of Doha, the name "Al Bidaa Swords & Gifts"
immediately comes to mind as a specialists in manufacturing them. It is a shop much like a museum, full of antique artifacts and rich with the fragrance of heritage.

"Al Bidaa for Swords & Gifts" was opened in 2007 The main reason for opening the shop was a passion for collecting Arabic swords and artifacts of historical value.

At "Al Bidaa for Swords & Gifts", you will find several types of swords as well as various souvenirs, including daggers and headdresses for Peregrine birds and other pieces that reflect the history and heritage of the State of Qatar.

"Al Bidaa for Swords & Gifts" fulfills its customers' requests through special orders tailored the desires of the customer.

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Al Bidaa for Swords & Gifts have the best skilled craftsmen for handmade art in addition to High-tech modern machines, the products form swords and gifts, has unique characteristics