Cabestan is an independent Swiss watch manufacture nestled in the heart of the Jura Mountains, in the cradle of luxury watch making, the Vallée de Joux.

Since 2003, Cabestan develops incredible models of unique and ultra-luxurious timepieces, firstly based on its famous vertical oriented movement, real signature brand’s Vertical Emotion collection.

The name Cabestan comes from the mechanical concept of the fusée-and-chain with the winch (First iconic model of the brand: Winch Tourbillon Vertical, 2008).Creating highly mechanical design with tourbillon, fuse and chain, reintroducing historical materials and ancestral technics, reinforcing the position of High Luxurious and Independent Swiss Watch manufacture, are some of the new targets of Lionel Betoux.

Unique, limited in series and customizable, the Cabestan is produced, finished, assembled, regulated and tested in-house by our own team of talented watchmakers. Building each tourbillon one-by-one. Assembling the miniature chain under a microscope, one link at time. Polishing and adjusting each component, no matter how tiny, with painstaking care and attention. This is traditional watchmaking at its absolute finest.

Cabestan DNA finds its definition in the universal history of watchmaking, one of passion, orchestrated by passionate artisans who take their inspiration from the high-tech mechanics, and the use of knowledge ancestral -how associated with noble materials: Cabestan watches are designed with some of the most historical concept that has bees used for more than 450 years. For instance, the extreme precision of the movement is provided by the system of fusée-and-chain, allowing the force of the mainspring to be distributed flawlessly, and pieces of the movement are made of German silver, historically use in watchmaking for centuries in the Vallée de Joux, for its specific physical properties.

Exclusive design of movements and cases. Handmade at the manufacture. Each model from the collection is available in limited edition.

Cabestan, Manufacture Suisse de Haute Horlogerie by excellence.