Calisthenics is one of the sports that is rapidly growing worldwide, and further in Qatar. Calisthenics training is proven efficient and effective, as it doesn’t require a lot and huge equipment that take a lot of spaces in our home or backyard. Having a perfectly balanced lifestyle in Qatar between work and social life, anyone of any
age can do calisthenics without any complications.

Calistpro is proud to be the first sports organization in Qatar to focus on calisthenics, also known as the street workout. After being amazed with what our bodies can actually do and how to stay fit and active with just our body weight, we have come up to the essentials for this kind of exercise and unfortunately, these
essentials are nearly not available within Qatar. We are here to bring these essentials closer to you to make your workouts easier, to be more astonished with the capabilities with your body movement, and to be more satisfied with your accomplishments.

It is formed by people who have passion for workouts. After years of being active, we have thought outside the box to maintain our form by using our own body weight and with small and minimal equipment that we may keep in our homes. We would like to introduce this to you, as being healthy and fit starts within you.



Calistpro is interested to extend the availability of calisthenics equipment and accessories throughout Qatar. This will make the existing enthusiasts eager on having the items as it will help them develop their current stage in their body weight workout and will even excite them to try new things out with these products. The beginners will be encouraged to start and progress on it as they explore the multiple ways of using them while they surprise themselves on what they can do with their own bodies.

The products’ main purpose apart from assisting on their current body weight training status is to have the freedom to train in the space of their own. This could be in their living room, bedroom, kitchen, backyard, garage, and wherever they have that free space for movement. Having extreme temperature during summer, it is ideal for most people to train at home. Otherwise, some of the products are too handy to bring along with them to the gym. Aside from the weather, given the current global situation of the pandemic, it is preferable and logical to have their own equipment and accessories to their daily workout routines and actives giving them the confidence on staying fit and healthy.