We believe that khaliji woman is always looking for independence and uniqueness with all that enhances her self-confidence and highlights her beauty in an elegant and modest way.Qatari woman is particular has special taste that makes her admire everything that suits her lifestyle, the way of her thinking and her daily routine. She also avoids wasting time and effort to get the most beautiful look without exaggeration. That is why Magnov is proud to provide exceptional high quality and extra ordinary beauty and care products from the most luxurious high-end brands. so we choose a gift set for you and place it into an elegant box as a “Gift” that brings you joy and freshness.Wherever you are inside Qatar, you can choose your “happy gift” with the most valuable products for your face and body.We place the power of true beauty in your hands!

9 facts that you may not know about us

1- We are trusted beauty destination for elegance lovers from different ages, skin colors and economic statuses. You can find what you need wherever you are in Qatar.

2- our head office is located in Doha, Qatar.

3- We choose the most luxurious cosmetics and skin care products from high-end brands to innovate the gift box you deserve.

4- We partner with famous beauty experts to be up to date with the latest trends.

5- Our products are super safe and cruelty free.

6- We always listen to you. We care about your opinions, suggestions and even complaints.

7- We a professional team who are extremely eager to provide you with top products.

8- the beauty box contains a variety of cosmetics and skin care products.

9- Here at Magnov, we believe that Arab and Qatari woman are Beauty icons themselves, that is why we do our best to satisfy them and bring joy confidence and beauty to their lives, and this is our passion

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with a unique box of beauty products for face and body, combined with an exclusive design. Our creative team make innovative packaging and most importantly with highest quality of products to indulge even the most demanding customers distinct taste and high expectations.