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Albidaa Group Of Companies is a proud Qatari establishment founded in 2007 with a vision deeply rooted in both tradition and innovation. Our journey began with a simple yet ambitious goal: to expand our investments within Qatar’s dynamic landscape while delivering premium products and services that reflect our commitment to excellence.


Mr. Hader AlSuwaidi

I founded Albidaa Group Of Companies in 2007 with a vision that blends Qatari traditions with innovation. Our goal is to expand within Qatar while delivering premium products and services. My passion for preserving Qatari culture drives the diverse ventures under our umbrella.
Our commitment to this cause reflects in everything we do. As we grow, our vision extends globally. We aim to be a recognised Qatari company, making an impact internationally. Join us in upholding the values of tradition, innovation, and excellence, making Albidaa Group Of Companies a Qatari establishment that is well known worldwide.


The Companies

At Albidaa Group, we bring together a wide spectrum of businesses, each with its unique strengths and specialties


Feel the Beauty and Luxury with Us

Albidaa’s creation is displayed through a line of heritage pieces and through the accessory lines that include bags, small leather goods, eyewear, ties, cufflinks, fragrances; and a line of Swissmade timepieces as well.


Finest materials for silver tableware and Bohemian glass

Regnosa is your destination for exquisite silver tableware and fine luxurious dining essentials. Our vision is to elevate your dining experience with timeless elegance. 

Albidaa Flora

Floral Arrangements with Exceptional Customer Service

At Albidaa Flora, our mission is to bring you the finest and freshest flowers, carefully selected for their quality and beauty.


Everything you need to become a Calisthenics Pro

Calistpro, Qatar’s pioneering sports company, focuses on calisthenics, also known as street workout.


Beauty, cosmetics, and personal care.

Magnov is your trusted mediator in the realm of beauty, cosmetics, and personal care.

AlSuwaidi Tents

Blending Tradition and Innovation

Welcome to Alsuwaidi Tents Factory, your destination for premium materials in crafting large, modernised tents.




Madhu Honey

Meet Madhu Manuka Honey, your gateway to the finest Manuka Honey. At Madhu, we are driven by a vision to deliver exceptional quality and purity in every jar. Our mission is to provide a premium selection of Manuka Honey, carefully sourced and crafted for its unparalleled taste and health benefits. Join us on a journey where excellence meets nature, and experience the richness of Madhu Manuka Honey.


Designa Individual specialises in the art of customisation and creativity. As makers of unique custom luxury timepieces, their mission is to infuse a touch of personalised creativity into your precious watches. At Designa Individual, they envision timepieces that go beyond mere functionality, becoming a true reflection of individual style. Here in Qatar, we proud to be their authorised agent, providing their unique service.


Your Products

Our products range from exclusive sunglasses to perfumes.

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